Chapter 11.02 - Conceptual Plan

City Code :: Elwood Town Subdivision Ordinance :: Chapter 11.02 - Conceptual Plan

Chapter 11.02

Conceptual Plan 

11.02.010 Conceptual Plan Review – Purposes: 

A property owner proposing to subdivide any lands located within the municipal boundaries of the Town shall schedule a Conceptual Plan Review with the Town Planning Commission and other representatives of the City and public and private service providers, as determined necessary by the Town Planning Commission. The purposes of the Sketch Plan Review are to promote an understanding of the City’s requirements for subdivisions, including this Ordinance, and to obtain Application processing and review information. The Conceptual Plan Review shall also be an opportunity for the property owner to receive information on Application procedures and requirements, and to ask questions related to the proposed subdivision (see Figure 1). 

11.02.020 Sketch Plan Application – Requirements: 

A Conceptual Plan Application is required for a Conceptual Plan Review, but no Application Fee or Review Fee is required. The Conceptual Plan Application is a discussion document, designed to allow the identification of Application processing and review procedures, requirements and standards, and other items that may be considered in Application review once a complete Preliminary Subdivision Application is received. To achieve these objectives, a Sketch Plan Application shall provide the following information for discussion at the Conceptual Plan Review: 

  1. A conceptual layout of the proposed subdivision for the entire area of the subdivision site (hereinafter “Subject Property”), including all subdivision phases, as applicable, and all proposed lots, meeting the minimum development standards, as required by the Zoning District in which the Subject Property is located including lot area, lot frontage, lot width, and yard requirements. The conceptual layout shall also identify the proposed layout of all roads and streets including proposed rights-of-way widths, road and street lengths, and proposed connections to all existing roads and streets and adjoining properties.
  1. A minimum of Twelve (12) copies of the proposed subdivision’s conceptual layout in an 11 inch x 17 inch size shall be filed with the Town.

11.02.030 Conceptual Plan Review – Items: 

At the Conceptual Plan Review, the Town Planning Commission, and other representatives of the Town and public and private service providers attending the Conceptual Plan Review, as determined necessary by the Planning Commission, may identify the procedures anticipated for Subdivision Application review, Application requirements, review standards, other applicable City, County, State, and Federal requirements, and any other matters (See Figure 1). 

11.02.040 Actions following a Conceptual Plan Review: 

Following the Conceptual Plan Review, a Preliminary Subdivision Application may be filed by the Applicant in the Town. 

11.02.050 Conceptual Plan – Not an Application for Subdivision Approval: 

A Conceptual Plan Application does not constitute a Land Use Application for any approval or permit and is not binding on the Town, or the Applicant. No Conceptual Plan Review discussion should be considered by the Applicant as any indication of a Land Use Application approval or permit, or disapproval, either actual or implied.