Chapter 10.11 - Agricultural District

City Code :: Elwood Town Ordinance :: Chapter 10.11 - Agricultural District




10.11.010 Purpose

10.11.020 Schedule of Uses

10.11.030 Site Development Standards

10.11.040 Vehicular Circulation and Parking 

    10.11.010 Purpose  

The purposes of the Agriculture zone are:

A. To provide areas to promote and protect the opportunities for a broad range of agricultural uses and activities where farming is a viable component of the local economy;

B. To implement the policies of Elwood Town General Plan, which contain the goals of protecting agricultural lands and promoting agriculture as a component of the local economy. 

10.11.020 Schedule of Uses 

For a schedule of Permitted and Conditional Uses for the Agricultural Zone refer to Chapter 10.09 of this Title.  

10.11.030 Site Development Standards 

  1. Minimum Lot Area:  The minimum lot size for a lot in the Agricultural zone shall be five (5) acres.
  2. Minimum lot width: The minimum Lot width for a lot in the Agricultural zone measured at minimum front yard setback line shall be five hundred (500) feet.
  3. Height Standards:
  1. Minimum - 1 story
  2. Maximum - 2 stories or 35 feet
  3. Agricultural buildings such as grain elevators or other facilities which are for Bona-fide agricultural uses only shall be considered by the Planning Commission as a special exception to the zoning ordinance.
  1. Setback Standard: The following table and figure depict the required minimum setback for the Agricultural zone
  A B1 B2 B3 B4 C1 C2 D
Setback (feet) 30' 20' 30' 20' 30' 30' 20' 10'

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A = Front Yard Setback

B1 = Side Yard Setback

B2 = Side Yard Setback - Primary Structure (Corner Lot Only)

B3 = Side Yard Setback - Accessory Structure

B4 = Side Yard Setback - Accessory Structure (Corner Lot Only)

C1 = Rear Yard Setback - Primary Structure

C2 = Rear Yard Setback - Accessory Structure

D = Setback From Primary Structure to Accessory Structure 

10.11.040 Vehicular Circulation and Parking 

A. Parking for each use shall conform to Chapter 10.22 of this Title.

B. No required parking shall be permitted in any required setback area.