Elwood Town Council Meeting - May 12, 2020

The Elwood Town Council met at the Elwood Town Hall, 5235 West 8800 North, Elwood, Utah, at 7:00, May 12, 2020. The following members were present consisting of a quorum.


        Mark Lay                Councilmember       Scott Goodliffe       Councilmember
        Jon Howard       Councilmember     Mike Pace                Councilmember
Staff present at this meeting


Gina Marble            Town Clerk

Steve Woerner        Public Works Director


Others present at this meeting


Devere Hansen





Mayor Nelson was absent


Minutes for March 10, 2020 & April 14, 2020 town council meetings was presented for approval.


Councilmember Pace made a motion to approve the minutes for March 10 & April 14, 2020. Councilmember Lay seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of the motion.


Item#1 Resolution 2020-003 A resolution authorizing Elwood town’s fee schedule. Mayor Protem Goodliffe stated the only changes that was made was the water connection fee for the 2 inch line.


Councilmember Pace made a motion to approve the resolution 2020-003. Councilmember Howard seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of the motion


Item#2 2020-2021 Budget- Mayor protem Goodliffe asked Gina to report on the budget. Gina presented the budget to the council. Gina explained the budget she stated we budgeted to redo the cemetery road we will do it in 2 parts ½ this year and the other ½ next year. Gina asked them to look over it and if they want any changes to let her know.
Item#3   2019-2020 Revised Budget-Mayor protem Goodliffe asked Gina to report on the revised budget. Gina presented the revised budget to the council. Gina stated that we went over on some accounts and under on others, we adjusted the accounts so we was not over budget. Gina asked if they had any questions to let her know.


Item#4 Mike Pace-camp trailers and garbage-Councilmember Pace stated that he asked for this to be on the agenda. Councilmember Pace stated that we have people living in trailer houses on lots and we don’t allow it in our ordinance. Councilmember Howard stated the planning commission was working on an ordinance dealing with that.


            Councilmember Pace stated that there is garbage alone the fence by the exit and all around Texaco. Gina Marble stated that Texaco cleaned up a lot of garbage she presented a video to the council regarding the cleanup. The council stated it looked good.


Item#5   Mayor Nelson-plastic from the state bridge project and weeds in town, Mayor protem Goodliffe asked Gina to report. Gina stated that the plastic is from the state road project the wind blows and it gets stuck in the fence. Gina stated that Mayor Nelson asked her to report on the weeds on Marc Allred property. Gina also stated that there are plastic bags in the ditches it’s causing the ditch to back up throughout town.


Item#6   Planning Commission Report-no one was there to report. Councilmember Lay read his report for the last meeting. The Planning Commission is working on the Elwood crossing project. Councilmember Lay also stated that Elwood acres presented phase 2 of the subdivision and the planning commission was talking about waving the curb and gutter for the 2nd phase. Mayor protem Goodliffe stated he didn’t like that idea we feels we need curb and gutter, he stated it would help with drainage issues.

Item#7 Animal Control Report-had nothing to report.


Item#4 Sheriff Department Report-Officer was not present. Gina Marble reported on the police report, there was extra patrols in Elwood. We had welfare checks, speeding, theft reports and abandoned vehicles.




          Steve Woerner reported that the water project on 5200 West was done.




            Steve Woerner had nothing to report.




          The council discussed the 4th of July event and due to Covid 19 has decided to cancel the event.




        Steve Woerner stated he has been filling pot holes and had a bridge repaired.




            Councilmember Howard had nothing to report





Councilmember Pace made a motion to adjourn, Councilmember Howard seconded the motion and the remaining council agreed. Meeting was adjourned at 8:20p.m.


The undersigned duly acting and appointed clerk for Elwood Town Corporation hereby certifies that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on the 12th day of May 2020. Dated this the 9th day of June 2020.


Gina R Marble, Elwood Town Clerk