Elwood Town Council Meeting - January 4, 2021

The Elwood Town Council met at the Elwood Town Hall, 5235 West 8800 North, Elwood, Utah, at 7:00, January 4, 2021. The following members were present consisting of a quorum.


             Keenan Nelson        Mayor                      Scott Goodliffe       Councilmember

        Mike Pace         Councilmember     Mark Lay                 Councilmember


Staff present at this meeting


Gina Marble            Town Clerk

Steve Woerner        Public Works


Others present at this meeting






Councilmember Lay gave the opening prayer.

Councilmember Pace was on the phone.

Councilmember Howard was absent.


Mayor Nelson welcomed everyone to the meeting


Minutes for the December 8, 2020 town council meeting was presented for approval.


Councilmember Lay made a motion to approve the minutes for Dec 8, 2020. Councilmember Goodliffe seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of the motion.


Item#1  2020 Agreed-Upon procedure-Matt Jensen Davis and Bott- Matt presented the agreed upon procedure to the town council. Matt stated there was only 3 findings for this year. The findings was the fraud risk assessment this is new for all cities and towns and a lot of people didn’t know about it, Gina will add this in with your training for next year. The other findings was dealing with the reconciliations. Gina and Lindsi found an error and fixed them and with them doing that it didn’t trace to the current ledger. Matt stated fixing the corrections is a good thing but we had to report it as a finding. We found no fraud and Elwood is in good shape. Matt thanked the council working with Davis and Bott, the Mayor thanked Matt for all of his work.


Councilmember Lay made a motion to accept the 2020 Agreed-Upon Procedures Report. Councilmember Goodliffe seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of the motion.


Item#2   Sewer expansion-Mayor Nelson asked the council if they looked over the sewer service area and if they had ideas where they wanted to expand the sewer. Mayor Nelson stated it’s hard to decide on where the sewer is going without building. Councilmember Goodliffe stated that the Munns property sold to Rasmussen’s I think we should table it and let’s see what happens with the building. The Council agreed.


Item#3   Retirement Program-Mayor Nelson stated that we spoke about this a few months ago and gave the approval to start the program. Gina was working on getting all the information to back date it to her and Steve hire date. Mayor Nelson stated it would be $83,571.00 for Steve and $70,756.00 for Gina. Mayor Nelson is fine with doing it and we have it in the budget. Councilmember Goodliffe stated he brought it to the council to start the program and stated he is fine to move forward. Councilmember Pace stated he is fine to moving forward. Councilmember Lay stated he is good with moving forward. Councilmember Goodliffe stated it a good program, URS is a sound organization. Councilmember Goodliffe reported we have 2 options to pay it a lump sum or payments for 60 months with a 7.5 percent interest charge the council agreed to pay the lump sum.


Councilmember Goodliffe made a motion to pay the lump sum for the service agreement and back date the retirement program to their hire dates. Councilmember Lay seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of the motion.


Item#3   Planning Commission- Councilmember Lay reported they had a work meeting and worked on the definitions. Mayor Nelson reported that he hired a planner his name is Steve Anderson and his Assistant. Councilmember Pace recommend that we have our ordinance on a time table so we don’t do it all at once it would be able to get things done sooner. Councilmember Goodliffe stated that it seems like we are using Amy a lot to do the clerical work. Mayor Nelson stated that we just needed another set of eyes on things. There was a lot of things Gil and Amy fought over and that’s why Gil resigned. Mayor Nelson stated that Elwood just needs to make our ordinance very clear and Amy will help make them clear I’m very comfortable how things are going.


Item#4   Sheriff’s Department Report- Officer Cluff was not present.


Item#5   Animal Control Report- Hagan was not present, nothing to report.




              Steve Woerner had nothing to report.




              Steve Woerner had nothing to report.




            Nothing to report.




          Councilmember Goodliffe reported that we are looking at replacing the bridge by the Hunsaker dairy. The bridge crosses the Malad river we are working with the State of Utah we are thinking the project would be around $350,000.00 and it will be around the year 2023-2025 when completed. The state program is a 6.77% money match so the project would cost Elwood around $25,000.00 to $28,000.00. Councilmember Goodliffe asked the council if it would be ok to proceed with the bridge project. Councilmember Pace agreed with Councilmember Goodliffe he things is a good idea. The Council agreed to move forward with the project.


          Councilmember Goodliffe reported on the canal bridge on 8000 north I think we can get by with a 32x10 to accommodate the canal. Councilmember Goodliffe asked Steve Woerner to see how much it would cost to redo the bridge on 8000 North.




            Councilmember Howard was not present, nothing to report.





Councilmember Goodliffe made a motion to adjourn, Councilmember Lay seconded the motion and the remaining council agreed. Meeting was adjourned at 8:07 p.m.



The undersigned duly acting and appointed clerk for Elwood Town Corporation hereby certifies that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on the 4th day of January 2021. Dated this the 9th day of Feb 2021.



Gina R Marble, Elwood Town Clerk