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Elwood is in Box Elder County, Utah, with a population of about 1000 residents. Elwood was officially incorporated as a town in 1933, and a town hall was built in 1983 to host governmental functions, after 50 years of meeting in the old Elwood church. To learn more about Elwood's history, click on the "History" tab.

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Elwood Town gives notice that on November 15, 2016, at 7:00 p.m., at the Elwood Town Hall, 5235 W 8800 N, Elwood, Utah the Elwood Town Planning Commission will hold a public hearing concerning the proposed annexation of real property owned by Jeffrey & Shannon Hill, FJA Farms LLC, Hines Associates LLC and Jim Burton Tax Id Numbers 05-096-0023, 04-086-0003, 05-096-0057, 05-096-0056 & 05-096-0055 within the areas defined in the Elwood Annexation Plan for future expansion by Elwood Town. The property is located at approximately 7180 N. Hwy 13, 7235 N. 4700 W, 7220 N. Hwy 13, 7375 N. 4700 W. & 7390 N. Hwy 13 Elwood UT 84337. The complete legal description and plat relating to the annexation is available for review at the Town Clerks office.




if you have any questions call Gina Marble at 435-257-5518 or gmarble@elwoodtown.com

 Gina Marble

Elwood Town Clerk


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Elwood Town Notice:
Elwood Town is looking for residents to volunteer to serve on the Elwood Town Emergency Preparedness committee. We are looking for people with skills involving Ham Radio, Medicine, Heavy Equipment, Home Storage, or interest in planning & organizing. Please contact Gina Marble at Elwood Town Hall at (435)257-5518

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Elwood Town would like you to update your contact information, your personal information will only be used for an EMERGENCY ONLY...water break, emergency disaster, etc. You can email your Name, Phone number and an email address to gmarble@elwoodtown.com Thank you for your participation.

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